Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Field Notes:Carpet Cleaning Overland Park, ks by Perfect One Clean

Field Notes: Carpet Cleaning Overland Park Ks. Experience is a big deal at Perfect One Clean. As we provide carpet cleaning in Overland Park, ks Olathe, ks and the Kansas City metro area, we want each client of ours to have a great service experience each and every time they use us. I have  been in the carpet cleaning business for over 10 years now and I have heard a lot of horror stories. I am always surprised at how many carpet cleaning companies will take short cuts either out of laziness, bad training or just not caring. To us is doesn't matter if you have a 1 bedroom apt in Olathe or a 6 bedroom house in Overland Park you will receive the same service from us. Taking field notes is always a great way to know that we are going the extra mile.

carpet-cleaning-technicians-overland-park-ks Our Mission is to deliver excellent service in every opportunity. From the time the client calls our office all the way to the follow up calls months later we want to give the best service. Recently we had a client in Overland Park ,Ks that didn't have a great experience with the last carpet cleaning company that she used.
  • So she decided to give us a call to see if she could have a better experience. Here are a few field notes from the job and at the end a nice review that she left us.12-steps-carpet-cleaning-overland-parkFIELD NOTES:
  • Job Location- Overland Park, Ks
  • Job Description- Carpet Cleaning
  • Have they had their carpet professionally cleaned before- Yes
  • Approximate age of carpets- 5 years
  • How often are they cleaned- 1 time a year
  • Have they ever been treated with carpet protector- No
  • What do the use for spot treatment- Spot shot
  • Are there any areas that need special attention- Yes, primer was spilt on the carpet.
As we began the 12 step carpet cleaning process we noticed that there was a lot of soap residue as we were steam cleaning. Before we applied our pre-spray I asked my technician to make a couple of passed with the carpet cleaning wand to see if there was soap left on the carpet. overland-park-steam-cleaning-ks-field-notesSure enough there was. Knowing that I knew that we could not use a high ph pre-spray. If we did, it would just add more soap to the carpets which causes re-soiling quicker. If I had to guess this is why she was not happy with the last carpet cleaning company. So what was the solution? We used a pre-spray and a rinse that where on the acid side of the ph scale to rinse of all the residue but also leave her carpets soft and clean. Once we got the carpets to a neutral state we applied our carpet protector. With this application it will help the carpets stay cleaner longer, and will also protect it from permanent stains. After the protector was applied we began to speed dry the carpets with our specialized air movers. Putting air movers on the carpets is just an extra step we like to take for our clients.

"Good price, on-time, excellent work and friendly staff. The cleaner did two bedrooms, a hallway and stairs. The cleaner was careful in our home and pleasant. We will use Perfect One again." Mark L. Overland Park, ks

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