Thursday, March 24, 2016

Carpet stretching turned bad.

I love the fact at Perfect One Clean we not only offer carpet cleaning and steam cleaning services to our clients, but also carpet stretching and repairs. Yesterday we had a stretch and repair to do.
  • Difficulty of job on a scale of 1-10 a 6
  • Estimated time to do job 1.5 hours
  • Chances of getting injured 0
  • Did I get injured YES!
It never fails that when I think I'm at the point in my career that I don't need to use the same precautions as when I first started I slice a finger. Carpet stretching and carpet repairs can be tricky sometimes because you have to make a lot of cuts and you can always catch your fingers on a tac strip or cut them like I do on the carpet knife. The blades are so sharp that you don't even fill it until its to late.

The first part of this carpet stretching and repair job was a patch that the client tried to fix themselves. They had put a patch in as a circle, and it wasn't seamed in at all it was just loose. It also didn't have any carpet pad under it. So we started from scratch and cut four straight lines around the circle so we could hide the seams good. Cutting straight lined is key when you are trying to hide seams.
So I was able to make it through this with out any blood on the clients carpet. The patch was hardly noticeable and it will look even better after we steam clean her carpets.

The next carpet stretching repair on the carpet didn't go as smooth. It was a challenging repair but nothing that I have not done before. The clients dogs kept scratching at the seam so the carpet was coming apart and you could see the seam tape. Not real appealing when you are trying to sell your home. I took my seam cutter right down the middle of the seam so I could disengage the carpet. After that I had to add carpet to the other side that was against the wall. This allowed me to clean up both sides of the seam and make a brand new one so you couldn't see the
seam line

This is where it got bloody. As I was making my  cut against my straight edge I noticed my thumb was hanging over. As the brand new blade quickly approached my thumb I thought to myself  "I should probably move my THUMB!" To late, "down goes Frazier" my heroic thumb got in the way of that super sharp blade and saved my life. Not really but it sounds better than I made a rookie mistake.

So after I gathered enough tissue to make it upstairs the home owner was kind enough to bandage me up long enough to get to the walk-in clinic. The upside was the walk-in clinic was only three minutes away. The Olathe, KS medical group that I went to did a fantastic job. Here is my review on the Olathe, KS walk in clinic.  Customer service 5 star, wait time short 5 star, treatment time short 5 star, overall experience 5 star.
After all that I was able to go back  and finish the job and also keep all my fingers. On top of that my customer was very pleased with our work.
Perfect One Clean
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